Problem installing the "nouveau" driver

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Wed Jun 23 06:42:18 PDT 2010


I played some more with the parameters you suggested be
changed in order to finally reach a config that would work with
nouveau and GeForce 8300GS on my system.
In the final analysis it seems that only two (2) are CRITICAL:

DD > Graphics support > Console display driver support
 {*} Framebuffer Console support  (was {M} originally)
>>> NEEDS TO STAY SET ({*}) !!!!

DD > Graphics support
 [*] Laptop Hybrid Grapics (sic) - GPU switching support (was [ ] originally)
>>> NEEDS TO STAY SET ([*]) !!!!

Many thanks Aleksandar.

I always felt that my midtower with its USB keyboard & mouse
and the 24in display had a laptop flavor to it.
Like I said, we're in Staging.  And has by far the
relatively longest gestation time in recent memory.

All the other crazy parameters that have accumulated on my
machine over the years can be anything in this context.
As proof, I'm attaching the latest working config for perusal.
It was created by starting with the most recent, non-nouveau,
non-8300GS config and changing only the two params above
(and, of course, the setting of "nouveau" in Staging).

I'm at peace with myself now.  I have until the autumnal equinox
to try to fix the annoyance of nouveau's boot-up switching to HiDef on me.
I'll probably be back with details then.

Thanks and Best wishes,
-- Alex

BTW, Simon, thanks for your thoughts on my existential question.
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