Can't compile hsfmodem driver in LFS 6.6.

Mike McCarty Mike.McCarty at
Wed Jun 23 03:25:56 PDT 2010

rhubarbpie at wrote:


> Unfortunately, linuxant support has been less than helpful.  Apparently 
> they view the problem as "incorrectly behaving" low-level OS tools on my 
> box.  Huh?  I realize I'm not incapable of error, but I've run LFS and 
> their driver on my box for several years.  Other than my linuxant 
> problem everything seems to be working quite well.  What might 
> incorrectly behaving low-level OS tools on my box mean?  What should I 
> check.

They are suggesting that your compiler/assembler/linker tool chain
may have a fault, I think.


> So, perhaps the problem IS on my side, but everything else seems to be 
> working quite well.  I'm at a loss.  What should I check?  What 
> information should I provide?

You'd need to ask them what they want.

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