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Well I guess the best place to start learning about Operating Systems is
where I started off my journey


See if that helps you. It helps you create a very small, minimalistic
kernel, at least you would revel in the glory of seeing a kernel that you
have wrote all by yourself. Then you can go ahead and put little more flesh
and bones into the basic skeleton like try adding a memory module, process
manager that would do process switching etc and see it growing. As you move
forward you might require to learn more, things like Interrupts(if you are
planning to build an OS for i386 processors. This link would help you in
such an eventuality:


Then you might like to know more about vesa for building GUI modules and
Filesystems etc. Follow this link in case you get to that point.


I think by the time you would be in a position to understand most documents
that have been posted in these websites, you would like to read and learn
something more holistic, something more substantial. That's when pick up
Tanenbaum's book cause its got theory as well as code, enough to keep you
busy for ages. Most people start off with the vision of starting a cult like
Linux but end up eventually settling down on doing things that are easier
and less time consuming like writing device divers or system programming or
kernel modules etc. In case you finally get nirvana, you would realise that
finally all that you can easily create your own version of linux and be the
next mark shuttleworth. That's when LFS would come to your rescue.

Its not difficult to make an OS. All it needs is patience and very few
people have it. I know it because I am typing this email from my own LFS
box. I call it PRATHAM(first of its kind in Hindi). All the best though for
the adventurous endeavour.

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