Bruce Dubbs bruce.dubbs at gmail.com
Mon Jun 21 09:29:59 PDT 2010

Paul Rogers wrote:
>>>> It would take hundreds of gifted people more than a decade to
>>>> achieve such a thing.
>>> Or Linus about a year.
>> I'm not sure the OP could absorb that much info that quickly.
> Not to mention that Linus' first kernel wasn't what we know today.
> It ran a 386, and was more an implmentation of Minix than anything
> else.  If there was genius in what he did, it was in throwing it
> open to anybody who wanted it, and took their help in expanding it.

The relationship between Linux and Minix is a common misconception. 
Linus did study Minix and explicitly rejected the main thrust - a 
microkernel.  I guess he used negative knowledge; he knew what he didn't 
want to do.

   -- Bruce

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