Problem installing the "nouveau" driver

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Mon Jun 21 09:21:27 PDT 2010

Jun 21, 2010 10:52:35 AM, lfs-support at wrote:

On my 'make menuconfig'
"Device Drivers>Graphics support>
[*] Support for frame buffer devices"  screen
this is all I have:

--- Support for frame buffer devices
[*]   Enable firmware EDID
[ ]   Framebuffer foreign endianness support  --->
-*-   Enable Video Mode Handling Helpers
[ ]   Enable Tile Blitting Support
      *** Frame buffer hardware drivers ***
< >   Cirrus Logic support
< >   Permedia2 support

None of the above seem to control yours,

Could these parameters be one of those "automatics"?


Hi Andy,

I did find your parameters in

Device Drivers > Graphics support:

< > Userspace VESA VGA graphics support
[ ] VESA VGA graphics support

I disabled them as shown.
Alas, still the same problem with the recompiled kernel
(the video dies at the end of the boot-up sequence).

I'm attaching the compressed copy of the new 'config'.

-- Alex
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