Problem installing the "nouveau" driver

alupu at alupu at
Mon Jun 21 07:50:30 PDT 2010

Jun 21, 2010 06:38:01 AM, Andrew Benton wrote


     Device Drivers  --->
     Graphics support  --->
-*- Support for frame buffer devices  --->

Disable everything on the Frame buffer menu. I think the vesa driver and 
nouveau are in conflict, that is why you're getting a blank console.

Hi Andy,

I'm a little confused here.  On my 'make menuconfig'
"Device Drivers>Graphics support>
[*] Support for frame buffer devices"  screen
this is all I have:

--- Support for frame buffer devices
[*]   Enable firmware EDID
[ ]   Framebuffer foreign endianness support  --->
-*-   Enable Video Mode Handling Helpers
[ ]   Enable Tile Blitting Support
      *** Frame buffer hardware drivers ***
< >   Cirrus Logic support
< >   Permedia2 support

None of the above seem to control yours,

Could these parameters be one of those "automatics"?

-- Alex

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