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> > It would take hundreds of gifted people more than a decade to achieve
> > > such a thing.
> >
> > Or Linus about a year.
> Sorry, but I have to comment on this. It is just too interesting.
Linus's real genius was in scoping and managing the project so it could get
The 1.0 release took more like 2 years plus, and involved many people.
So, your goal would be something far less that Linux 1.0.
It also has to be recognized that at the time an IBM PC was a simple
machine, and that expectations were much less as to what an OS would do.


As for the book on the IA64 Kernel, bad advice. Based on the title, I would
guess that this book would focus on the details of porting to this
architecture - a complex one that failed to meet expectations. (It was
supposed to the 64 bit PC).
Also, it is unlikely that  you will even get you hands on this chip.
As for Minux, another endeavor that failed to meet expectations. If you want
to study micro-kernels, I suppose that would be a good book, but to date
this form of architecture has not worked out to be usable.(IBM spent
billions in the 90's to find this out).

So your *real* problem is to figure out what you can really do in the time
you have to do it and define carefully just what you mean by an OS.
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