Problem installing the "nouveau" driver

Andrew Benton b3nton at
Fri Jun 18 13:59:32 PDT 2010

On 18/06/10 20:00, Neal Murphy wrote:
> OK. So it is not a simple "I'm sleeping and I can't wake up!" problem. This is
> about where you discard all notions of 'how it should work' and ask, "How can
> I see what it is really doing, since it doesn't seems to be do what is
> expected?" It almost sounds like the system has found another video card to
> use. If the mainboard has a video card on it, try connecting to that one.

No, you're not helping. His video card need some firmware to work with 
the nouveau driver. He needs to either put the firmware in /lib/firmware 
or compile it into the kernel. If he read the syslog from the failed 
boot he would see the kernel complaining about the lack of firmware. 
Without the firmware his video card can't bring up the framebuffer.


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