Problem installing the "nouveau" driver

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Fri Jun 18 10:38:39 PDT 2010

Jun 18, 2010 12:41:04 PM, Andrew Benton wrote
me his comments on the subject.


Hi Andy,

Thanks for your message.  As I told Neil below,
I'm hard at work at going over some log datails, etc. now.
(I was hoping against hope Neil's interesting workaround
will bring me afloat, but no cigar).
I'll get back with details and comments on your very
interesting words as soon as I have something more substantial,
Thanks again.


Jun 17, 2010 11:13:09 PM, neal.p.murphy at wrote:
<< [We tried to] resolve this problem on a 'similar' system
[experiencing] the console screen blanking and not returning.
It wasn't the driver {1}, wasn't parameters, wasn't anything
[we] could figure out. 
He was new to the system and Linux, but had probably been around
computers for 40-50 years {2}.
He found the solution himself:
 setterm -powersave off -blank 0
Figure out a way to have the system run it during boot.
It solved his inexplicable problem and may well solve yours. >>

Hi Neal,

Thank you very much for your comments and willingness to help.

Unfortunately, the _workaround_ has not worked on _my_ system.
I even tried the formula after the system was fully up at the
command prompt (the system does come up all the way;  you can
work blindly - login, setterm, etc.)

A few humble comments keyed to your words above.
{1}.  It _must_ be the driver in the final analysis.
 - Once the driver (and only the driver) is no longer
enabled in the kernel set-up, things return to normal.
So, 'setterm', if anything, sounds like a workaround here.
Anyway, thanks and congratulations for your modesty and
generosity in trying to help your friend and me.
 - As an aside, I've been working on analyzing some logs to
find out where and maybe why this nouveau, staging driver is
handling my system (video card, monitor, etc.) so clumsily.
My (B)LFS (and Windows) machine (including the wide-screen
monitor) is pretty standard and relatively modern.

{2}. I assume your expert friend was into Unix in his
computer-rich life.  'setterm' with its parameters looks like
a typical Unix-like (and -originated) command.

Many thanks,
-- Alex

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