Glendon Blount itly377 at
Wed Jun 16 22:31:26 PDT 2010

I am looking for help installing lfs on logical volumes. The only  
information I could find was from 2009 and used a version of lvm2 that  
is no longer available also the only patch is for this version  
LVM2.2.02.53 I made an attempt to install lfs and got to the kernel  
were I not able to compile the kernel sources. A little background I  
have been using linux since about 1997 and I now use gentoo on all my  
machines I was looking at lfs to install on my hp mini 311 with an  
atom processor I have gentoo booting from an external usb hard drive  
and was hoping to do a lfs installation in the same manner also do I  
need a 2 to 3 g partition for the / directory or a 10 g partition the  
reason I ask is my gentoo / partition is 750 m and my partition layout  
for lfs on lvm would be. I thank you for your time
/opt/playground (For applications like arduino eclipse and others)

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