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Wed Jun 16 10:26:27 PDT 2010

On 16 June 2010 17:43, Mohsen Pahlevanzadeh <mohsen at> wrote:
> Dear Simon,
> Do you mean i follow exact same book 5-1 5-2 and 5-end ?
> --Mohsen
 I'm not Simon, but I'll answer anyway (even though Mike has probably
answered most of the points while I was thinking about it).

 Begin at chapter 1 (section 1.1 - "How To Build An LFS System").

 First, *read* each page in your browser, then click on the "next"
link.  Do this until you get to section 9 ("The End").  By doing this,
you have read everything in the book before you start, so you'll have
some idea how you are going to build the new system,.

 Then if you haven't already done so, download *all* the packages and patches,

 Then start again, but this time follow all the instructions, for each
package in the book's order.
If this goes well, you will end up with a minimal LFS system.

 You need to understand how the book is going to tell you build this
system (for example, there is important information such as "delete
the source (and -build) directories after you have installed the

 The versions of the packages in a released version of the book are
believed to work well together, and all of them are required.  For
your first build you should use the LFS-6.6 book.

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