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Mike McCarty Mike.McCarty at
Wed Jun 16 10:13:55 PDT 2010

Paul Rogers wrote:
> I think there is an assumption being made that everybody around the
> world would automagically relate to books the way we native English
> speakers do.  There are people who read books "back to front".

Not by me. My presumption was that he did have a problem knowing
what the different entries in the appendix exactly meant. That's
why I provided an explanation for one of them. I speak three languages
tolerably, myself, and English is not my first language (though my
first language is a european one, so left-to-right). At one time
I could somewhat get by in Arabic.

In any case, everyone who reads English has access to a dictionary,
and so can look up the word "appendix". Be that as it may, he's
specifically mentioned that he knows he's deviating from the established

> "mohsen at"  It's clear Mohsen is not a native English
> speaker, and a minimal knowledge of world history suggests (without


> doing a host lookup) that is a Persian/Iranian
> site.  Obviously, because he asked the question, the book isn't clear
> enough to non-English speakers about the sequence of building.  Saying

That I don't grasp. Anyone who reads English knows what direction
to read a book.

> "Follow book, book good" isn't helpful when one doesn't grasp, for
> cultural or linguistic reasons, what you mean by "follow".

Agreed. That's why I presented an analysis of one of the appendix

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