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Wed Jun 16 08:51:41 PDT 2010

> > I'm in top of Chapter 5. Constructing a Temporary System.At this
> > chapter some package is introduced that we must compile them.My
> > question is: Do they have Chapter priority in compile same listed in
> > chapter?For example if i compile package 5.12.expet before 5.11.tcl,
> > is it problem?
> >
> It's possible, but without trying it it's hard to know for sure. The
> simplest, safest way to proceed is to simply follow the book,
> compiling the packages in the order the book gives you.
> Andy
> The order of the packages is carefully crafted to make sure
> prerequisites are built in the correct order.  See the appendix for
> each packages dependencies.  For instance, expect requires tcl.  When
> we had a choice for the next package, it is added alphabetically, but
> there is really no reason to deviate from the order given in the book.
> You may, of course, do what pleases you, but be prepared to start over
> if it doesn't work.
>   -- Bruce

I think there is an assumption being made that everybody around the
world would automagically relate to books the way we native English
speakers do.  There are people who read books "back to front".
"mohsen at"  It's clear Mohsen is not a native English
speaker, and a minimal knowledge of world history suggests (without
doing a host lookup) that is a Persian/Iranian
site.  Obviously, because he asked the question, the book isn't clear
enough to non-English speakers about the sequence of building.  Saying
"Follow book, book good" isn't helpful when one doesn't grasp, for
cultural or linguistic reasons, what you mean by "follow".
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