Linux From Scratch (Version SVN-20100529) - 6.9. Glibc-2.11.2

Face Man solo9300 at
Fri Jun 11 22:53:19 PDT 2010

well, I think i should start over however i would like to know if this what i need to do in chapter 5.8 and 5.9
LFS=/mnt/lfsLC_ALL=POSIXLFS_TGT=$(uname -m)-lfs-linux-gnuPATH=/tools/bin:/bin:/usr/binexport LFS LC_ALL LFS_TGT PATHecho "5.8. Adjusting the Toolchain {"
    cd $LFS/sources               SPECS=`dirname $($LFS_TGT-gcc -print-libgcc-file-name)`/specs        $LFS_TGT-gcc -dumpspecs | sed \            -e 's@/lib\(64\)\?/ld@/tools&@g' \            -e "/^\*cpp:$/{n;s,$, -isystem /tools/include,}"> $SPECS 
        unset SPECS
echo "}5.8. Adjusting the Toolchain is Done !"
echo "5.9. Binutils-2.20.1 - Pass 2 {"
    cd $LFS/sources                     cd binutils-2.20.1                rm -R ../binutils-build # I am not sure i need to remove this         mkdir -v ../binutils-build         cd ../binutils-build
        CC="$LFS_TGT-gcc -B/tools/lib/" \            AR=$LFS_TGT-ar RANLIB=$LFS_TGT-ranlib \            ../binutils-2.20.1/configure --prefix=/tools \            --disable-nls --with-lib-path=/tools/lib               make             make install             make -C ld clean                make -C ld LIB_PATH=/usr/lib:/lib                 cp -v ld/ld-new /tools/bin      echo "} 5.9. Binutils-2.20.1 - Pass 2 is Done !"
thx for the help  		 	   		  

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