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Mike McCarty Mike.McCarty at
Fri Jun 11 11:16:24 PDT 2010

piper.guy1 wrote:
> Thanks for all your tips, advice, lectures, opinions, etc. Very
> positive community. I think I'm going to enjoy my LFS experience. I

That's one thing I really like here, unlike the "user support lists"
for standard distros, which are full of bickering and posturing.


> Now if one makes the same mistake more than once then that's a
> differnt story. :-)

Depends on how long between "same mistakes". Be sure to do
as few activities as you can with root authorization. Don't
log in as root. Use sudo or su - to change to root temporarily,
and then immediately exit back. Use a red colored prompt
when running with root authorization.

> So until my next "learning experience", Ciao for now.
> /carl h.

Hope you keep learning for a long time.

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