live and learn

Theron Stanford shixilun at
Wed Jun 9 08:16:59 PDT 2010

On Tue, Jun 8, 2010 at 11:45 PM, Mike McCarty
<Mike.McCarty at> wrote:
> Neal Murphy wrote:
>> A possible future enhancement to 'the book' might be to incorporate checkboxes
>> that a newbie would check off as she performs each step. Extra work? Yes. But
>> worth it to make each step clearer? Yes again.
> Possibly. However, who prints the book? Mostly, I was cut'n'pasting
> the commands.

I print the book.  However, I print it 9-up to save paper.  I like
having the hard copy to read on the train.

Unfortunately, this sometimes has the side-effect of making 1 (one)
and l (ell) difficult to distinguish, though I've built enough times
that I usually guess right.  (I recall once spending quite some time
trying to figure out why GRUB couldn't find menu.1st.)  And during my
last build I couldn't figure out why

cp -sv* /lib

wouldn't work.  (The options are -av, of course.)


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