live and learn

Neal Murphy neal.p.murphy at
Tue Jun 8 17:20:33 PDT 2010

On Tuesday 08 June 2010 20:05:46 Bruce Dubbs wrote:
> Neal Murphy wrote:
> > I started playing with UNIX in 1986, and Linux in the
> > mid-nineties. And just a couple weeks ago, I overwrote a disk that
> > contained half of a couple striped MD filesystems. Lost nearly 10 years
> > of pics and history.
> No backups?  How is this different (in effect) from a failed disk drive.

It differs in that I keep an eye on my hard drives. When they start to show 
signs of old age and failure, I buy a replacement and move everything to the 
new drive. (Euthenasia doesn't apply to hard drives.)

I've been close to a drive failure (an 'older' WD 30GB drive), but heard it 
struggling to read and decided I should buy a replacement. And back when 1TB 
drives reached $80US, I bought two Hitachi SATA 3s to replace the perfectly 
functional and problem-free 400GB Apple SATA 1.5s I'd bought a few years 
years earlier; I needed more disk space. Alas, wiping out data is *not* the 
preferred method of acquiring more disk space. :( Of course, it didn't help 
that my ASUS dual dual-core Opteron mboard on-board power supply capacitors 
gave up their ghosts; that's when I bought the new mboard and a quad PhII 965 
and 8GB RAM. (I truly *despise* waiting for Linux distribs to compile.)

But you are right. I had no backups and no excuses. I have an empty 400GB 
drive that would have held most of that data. And there's no reason I could 
not have saved all the pics to DVDs. I didn't. I lost. Oh, well. No one died, 
and no critters or humans were harmed, so no foul. :) Too bad I didn't wipe 
out my ripped CDs. I could've re-ripped them. Sigh.

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