Some LFS 6.5 -> 6.6 Inconsistencies

Bruce Dubbs bruce.dubbs at
Tue Jun 8 09:52:00 PDT 2010

Neal Murphy wrote:
>>> That's not so easy.  We create the book with Docbook xml.  I don't know
>>> of a way to to do that.  We do have both a change log and a "What's new"
>>> section.  We are trying to do a new release every 6 months.  If you look
>>> at "What's new", almost every package changes each time, but most use
>>> the instructions unchanged.
>> Yeah, I generally work off the Changelog page when updating the scripts
>> I build everything with, working up the list from whatever date I last
>> built against. Works for me - Changelog open in one tab, and the index
>> in a second one.
> FYI. This link might be useful: 

Thanks.  That may be doable, but it looks like a fairly significant 
effort to get all the details right.  The html doesn't support change 
bars, but changes can be highlighted in color/underlining, etc.  My 
thought would be to to show additions and changes, but hide deletions.

I added a ticket at low priority so we don't forget about this.

   -- Bruce

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