perl, gdbm and perl's obsequious help

Tobias Gasser lfs at
Sun Jun 6 14:02:56 PDT 2010

> And this may very well be the issue, since nobody has reported this 
> problem when building LFS before.

not quite true!

i had issues with perl, but everyone on this list told me i made a
mistake. as i couldn't track the problem down to it's realy cause, i
just gave up argueing. and the docs about how to build perl couldn't
help, even google and company didn't help.

the problem arises with some life-distors, but does not on others. as i
was not able to see WHY, i just switched over to a distro which didn't
screw up chapter 5.

the perl built in chapter 5 compiles fine, but in chapter 6 as the
libraries are not found any longer dies. i will add these lines to my
scripts in the future and am glad someone really could track down the
problem to its source. (and i am happy so see it really was not my fault).

btw: i guess it's not only gdbm but other libraries too.


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