LFS-6.6, Stage2, glibc, nscd.c:442

Paul Rogers paulgrogers at fastmail.fm
Fri Jun 4 09:11:35 PDT 2010

> > Then this evening I made a copy of the script without that line and
> > recompiled glibc with the Stage2 compiler as the next step. No
> > problem this time.  So I think I have a fairly straightforward
> > workaround.  I don't imagine there was any need for the nscd code to
> > get through the gcc compile.  Now I think I have a good glibc for
> > the rest of the Stage2 build.  Onward!
> So the problem was the Chapter 5 gcc?

I'm not sure that follows.  Mightn't it be something in the glibc
configure?  It seems it had the opportunity to discover that stack
protector option would fail, but tried to compile it anyway.

> Let me review.  I know you said your base host was LFS 6.1.  Are you
> going directly to LFS 6.6 or an intermediate version?

Is there some good reason I shouldn't continue with 6.6 now?  Isn't
this glibc good to go?  One capability my package manager has is to
explode the tarballs I make of the installed files of the packages
I make at the end of my build scripts, then compare the files with
what's currently in the system, looking for changes.  I suppose I
could run that on the "first pass" tarball.  I'd expect there to be
changes in the nscd files, but the rest to pass.  I'd need cmp, IIRC.
Maybe I'll have to wait a bit.

Is there some difficulty coming up I haven't gotten to yet? ;-)
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