perl, gdbm and perl's obsequious help

Bruce Dubbs bruce.dubbs at
Wed Jun 2 17:02:31 PDT 2010

Neal Murphy wrote:
> Some time back (LFS 6.4), I discovered that perl's configure program can 
> poison the build; it is designed to be extremely helpful by ferreting out 
> features of the host system to support. Specifically in my case, because it 
> found libgdbm on the host system, it configured perl to include support for 
> gdbm; this causes the build to fail later because perl can't find libgdbm. 
> Alas, such obsequiousness hoses the LFS build process.
> The standard LFS configure options for perl do not prevent this from 
> happening. For review, the options are:
>     -des -Dprefix=/tools -Dstatic_ext='Data/Dumper Fcntl IO POSIX'
> After days of gnashing teeth and rending garments (my hair is too short to 
> pull out in tufts) and parsing perl's configure script, I developed the 
> correct incantation:
>     -des -Dprefix=/tools -Dstatic_ext="Data/Dumper Fcntl IO POSIX" \
>     -Donlyextensions="Data/Dumper Fcntl IO POSIX" \
>     -Dglincpth="/tools/include" -Dglibpth="/tools/lib" \
>     -Dinc_version_list=none
> The four extra options are required _when building the toolchain_ to ensure 
> absolutely that perl's configure
>   - configures those extensions and ONLY those extensions, and
>   - cannot examine the host for features to support
> These options should work regardless of what is installed on the host build 
> system.

Thanks for the report Neal.  I wonder if the extra commands are needed 
now that gdbm is built in Chapter 6 before Perl.

   -- Bruce

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