perl, gdbm and perl's obsequious help

Neal Murphy neal.p.murphy at
Wed Jun 2 14:22:51 PDT 2010

Some time back (LFS 6.4), I discovered that perl's configure program can 
poison the build; it is designed to be extremely helpful by ferreting out 
features of the host system to support. Specifically in my case, because it 
found libgdbm on the host system, it configured perl to include support for 
gdbm; this causes the build to fail later because perl can't find libgdbm. 
Alas, such obsequiousness hoses the LFS build process.

The standard LFS configure options for perl do not prevent this from 
happening. For review, the options are:
    -des -Dprefix=/tools -Dstatic_ext='Data/Dumper Fcntl IO POSIX'

After days of gnashing teeth and rending garments (my hair is too short to 
pull out in tufts) and parsing perl's configure script, I developed the 
correct incantation:
    -des -Dprefix=/tools -Dstatic_ext="Data/Dumper Fcntl IO POSIX" \
    -Donlyextensions="Data/Dumper Fcntl IO POSIX" \
    -Dglincpth="/tools/include" -Dglibpth="/tools/lib" \

The four extra options are required _when building the toolchain_ to ensure 
absolutely that perl's configure
  - configures those extensions and ONLY those extensions, and
  - cannot examine the host for features to support
These options should work regardless of what is installed on the host build 

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