Being a "trailer"

Paul Rogers paulgrogers at
Wed Jun 2 10:07:06 PDT 2010

> After I get that completed I am going to try using the LFS-6.3 with
> BLFS-6.3-svn to build LFS 6.6. All of this would be using i686.
> I can try building LFS-6.6 after I get the LFS-6.3 up and running then
> I can to the LFS-6.3 BLFS combo.

I agree, in part, with linuxfan's point that all that will happen
with LFS-6.6 is errata.  But those are still helpful!  If that's
what you are volunteering for then 6.3 is too new to validate the 
6.6 HSR.  I haven't looked for book 7.0.  How would 6.3 compare
with its minimums?

To be a proper "trailer" you need to have a system with ONLY the
minimum requirements for the book.  Otherwise you aren't proving
building will work with only those.
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