lfs-6.6 booting on my vmware!, but allays checking consistence of sda1

mhenriquezs at terra.cl mhenriquezs at terra.cl
Wed Jun 2 09:03:42 PDT 2010

On 06/02/2010 11:32 AM, Ken Moffat wrote:
> On 2 June 2010 16:05, mhenriquezs at terra.cl<mhenriquezs at terra.cl>  wrote:
>> Hi guys:
>> So, I wonder if there is some way to check what dates the ext3
>> filesystem is taking into account to see what is wrong there or more
>> simple, a way to turn off that checking consistence of the filesystem
>> acording to a date on boot?
>   I've seen somewhat similar things on my ibook (when the battery dies,
> the date is reset to, I think, 1900 - a PC would probably reset to a more
> recent date).  On ppc32, the 1900 date is interpreted as a date in the
> future.  In my case, the system runs fsck.  If the date is still wrong, it
>   then has to again run fsck on the next boot.
>   Your problem does indeed sound as if the clock used by vmware was
> at some weird date.  Use 'dumpe2fs | less' to read the filesystem.  If
> the creation date is weird (in the future, or before the epoch i.e. 1970),
> I suggest you tar up the filesystem to your backup storage, recreate it,
> and then restore.
>   Altering the date in the bios, except to correct it, is generally a bad
> idea.
>   Turning off filesystem checking will mean that if you do have minor
> fs problems (I've seen some over the years, YMMV) they will pass
> unnoticed until they become more severe.  That was one of the
> problems with reiserfs3 (ISTR it did eventually require an fsck).
Thanks for the suggestions, but in fact this build is just for learning 
porpuses and it not goes beyond this point, so it can be helpful to just 
turn that check off for practical purposes, how can I do that?


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