What about LFS for Alpha?

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Its probably been 6 years since I built lfs on my alpha, and I have not kept it up to date, but when I built it, there were no special packages for alpha except milo and aboot. The only differences I recall were in the building of gcc and glibc, (you were just telling them to build for a different arch) and booting.

Milo was used on NT boot roms, and was a lot like lilo, but I had problems with it because it was built against an old kernel and didn't support a lot of hardware and file systems (ext2, for example, as I recall), but forward porting it was a huge deal, well beyond my time commitment.

Aboot booted on vms boot roms, and needed a bsd disk partition, not an msdos disk partition and worked much better for me. 

As for where to find milo and/or aboot... Well, I suggest google is your friend.

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