Unable to even start compiling

David Shaw dj.shaw at btconnect.com
Sun Jan 31 22:14:19 PST 2010

Trent Shea wrote:
> On Sunday 31 January 2010 04:06:28 David Shaw wrote:
>> @Simon - thanks for drawing my attention back to that important notice - 
>> I had read it, but obviously didn't fully understand the implications. 
>> I'm not sure how it could be made clearer, though, without making it too 
>> Janet and John.
> In addition to this section, you'll also want to note the introduction to 
> chapter three.

Hmm...  Yes, I see that, now - but perhaps this is a little far removed 
in time and space from the actual compilation process.  Maybe that 
comment about working directories could be duplicated in or refered back 
to from 5.3?  I think that reinforcement would probably have triggered 
the vital neuron that would have stopped me from making such a basic error.


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