LFS 6.5 - findutils check

Bruce Dubbs bruce.dubbs at gmail.com
Sat Jan 30 09:42:57 PST 2010

Aditya Bankar wrote:
> I am in chapter 6, section 6.39. The configure and make steps ran
> well. In make check there is an unexpected error.
> On the terminal make dumps this message: FAIL: old_prefix: locate
> failed, /compilation/findutils-4.4.2/locate/testsuite/../locate:
> `tmp/locatedb': No such file or directory

> I then looked into the old_prefix.exp file. This file writes the
> locatedb and locate test complains about locatedb being absent. What
> should I do to get locatedb? I think that will get the test passing.

I looked at my log and that test should indeed pass.  Is it possible 
that you are out of disk space when running the test?

It looks like the test script is tcl in


with old_prefix.exp as an argument.  You might want to research the 
output commands for tcl and insert some debugging statements into 
old_prefix.exp to see if the db is really being created.  I'd just do 
'exec ls -lR tmp/' before and after the locate_start command to see what 
is going on.

   -- Bruce

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