LFS6.4 step 5.17 compiling coreutils-6.12 error

Justin P. Mattock justinmattock at gmail.com
Fri Jan 29 08:25:14 PST 2010

On 01/29/10 05:13, haiye1018 wrote:
> Thank everyone!!!
> I have fixed it.
> Coreutils whose version is greater than 6.0 needs selinux, which can be
> see from source file:
> #include <selinux/selinux.h> or / and
> #include <selinux/context.h>
> These are host system's header files,so we must replace these file with
> se-selinux.in.h
> se-context.in.h
> They are coreutils's built-in header file for host in which no selinux
> is not supported.
> My scripts:
> for file in $(find ./ -name *.c -o -name *.h)
> do
> cp -uv $file{,.orig} && \
> sed -e 's@#include <selinux/selinux.h>@#include "se-selinux.in.h"@g' \
> -e 's@#include <selinux/context.h>@#include "se-context.in.h"@g'
> $file.orig > $file && \
> rm $file.orig && \
> touch $file
> done
> I have constructed the temporary system and entered the chroot
> environment successfully!
> 在2010-01-27  10:47:02,"Trent  Shea"  <trentshea at gmail.com>  写道:
>>Ack,  I  keep  hitting  reply  and  pulling  stuff  off  the  list.  Anyhow,  thanks  for
>>poking  me  in  the  right  direction.
>>On  Tuesday  26  January  2010  19:20:48  you  wrote:
>>>  No,  you  aren't  isolated  from  the  host  until  you  enter  chroot  in  Chapter
>>Fair  enough,  I  should  have  said  fairly  isolated  at  this  point.
>>>  6.    As  you  build  Chapter  5,  you  get  more  of  what  you  previously  build,
>>>  but  there  are  libraries  and  headers  from  the  host  that  are  still
>>>  potentially  available.    The  linker  still  uses  the  libraries  in
>>>  /etc/ld.so.conf  for  your  tools  when  building  other  programs.
>>Ah,  I  was  thinking  about  that,  too.    There's  probably  some  rpath  risks  and
>>pkgconfig  magic,  too.
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so if you built a system using a host cd
without(libselinux.so) -lselinux
you probably would of been fine. but if building
with ubuntu/fedora /lib/libselinux.so is there causing
coreutils to enable all support for SELinux
(but could be wrong);

Justin P. Mattock

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