Unable to boot from usb harddisk

Hans Kaper spakyelj at xs4all.nl
Thu Jan 28 13:52:43 PST 2010

Op Thu, 21 Jan 2010 22:48:42 +0100 schreef Hans Kaper <spakyelj at xs4all.nl>:

> Last september I posted a problem about not being able to boot from an  
> Harddisk.
> That problem was solved by:
> - inserting a kernel bootoption rootdelay=10,
> - deleting a root=.... kernel bootoption, because the kernel starts
> looking for
> initialisation info by default in its own partition first.
> Recently I split the partition in front of the LFS-partition. I changed
> Grub's menu.lst and fstab accordingly. But then my problems returned.
> First the kernel panicked, because it could not find its init. That was
> solved by inserting a root=sdc9 kernel-option anyway (although I thought
> that was unnecessary)(sdc9 is my LFS-partition).
> A little later in the boot-proces the old kernel-panic - not syncing:  
> VFS:
> Unable to mount root fs on unknown-block (2,0), returned. I increased the
> rootdelay to 20, but that made no difference (although I did not see the
> 10 seconds extra on the screen, but that can have something to do with  
> the
> fact that information is buffered first before it goes to the monitor)
> Before this error occurs, the kernel enumerates the available partitions.
> There I see something like sdc9 > sdc4 (sdc9 is my LFS-partition). sdc4  
> is
> an ext2-partition that is empty.
> It looks as though the kernel is looking somewhere else for its
> information than in its own partition.
> Is there anywere else partition-information that the kernel uses? If yes,
> where is it stored?
> Have I overlooked something?

It's a pity that nobody cared to react to my post. The problem is still  
although I was able to boot into LFS just by removing one of the  
partitions in front
of my LFS-partition, so that the LFS-partition had the same number as  
before the splitting.

But the question still remains: why does the kernel panic when the  
partitionnumber of its rootdevice changes?


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