Ncurses 5.7 fail to configure

Chris Staub chris at
Tue Jan 26 11:08:22 PST 2010

On 01/26/2010 02:02 PM, Bruce Dubbs wrote:
> Chris Staub wrote:
> Chris,
>      I don't think this is the issue.  In Chapter 5, we still use
> /usr/include and /usr/lib.  If the host system has /usr/include/gpm.h
> and an old /usr/lib/, I think we will get this error.  My
> reference systems has:
> checking if you want to link with the GPM mouse library... maybe
> checking for gpm.h... no
> If libgpm is OK, then it doesn't matter because it will not be built
> into ncurses when we do it again in Chapter 6.  The problem here appears
> that the host system does not support Gpm_Open in -lgpm, so he can't
> build ncurses without an additional switch.
> If the above analysis is correct, we may want to add --without-gpm to
> the book's Chapter 5 ncurses configure command as a "just in case" scenerio.
>     -- Bruce

Nope. I can guarantee that the problem is that there is something wrong 
in the user's $PATH or some other part of the environment. This has 
*always* been the case every single time I have every seen any user get 
this error. If the environment is correct, it would never be complaining 
about GPM, regardless of its version or whatever. The issue is that the 
user has missed something in the book. Adding --without-gpm is a 
workaround and will likely allow Ncurses to compile, but there *will* be 
more problems later.

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