LFS6.4 step 5.17 compiling coreutils-6.12 error

Trent Shea trentshea at gmail.com
Sat Jan 23 08:32:12 PST 2010

On Saturday 23 January 2010 08:26:53 haiye1018 wrote:
> hello
> In LFS6.4 step 5.17 compile coreutils-6.12 error:

> How to edit coreutils'configure scriptsss to get rid of selinux support?
> Can anyone help me to fix it?

I'm not sure the configure file is the problem.

Can you try to issue:

echo 'main(){}' > dummy.c
cc -v dummy.c 2>&1 |grep include
rm dummy.c

and include the output here, I have a feeling there may be a problem with gcc 
on your build.


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