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Mon Jan 18 03:06:46 PST 2010

Am Sonntag 17 Januar 2010 17:10:38 schrieb Mikie:
> I'm a 46 year old IT and Automation professional.
> I have people from business, government, and education (small  schools)
> screaming for an alternatives to Windows.
> The malware is disrupting everyone these days and people are drowning.
> It's to the point where we can't keep a working PC on people's desktops.
> I want to develop a solution whereby PC's can be booted from a PXE NFS
> server to get Linux with a Firefox browser so peeps can migrate to web
> based business apps, web based email, and Microsoft terminal servers for
> those Microsoft apps that can't be replaced with web versions (via a
> Linux RDP client).

You might be interested in another project:

This project has a solution for exactly that situation, quite some good 
documentation and a vivid and helpful ML and IRC[1] channels. The tradeoff is 
that it is designed for RPM based distros.

Some usecases were PoS (terminals) and preloads and there are a lot of 
examples available.

[1] #opensuse-kiwi

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