NFS Boot

Mikie kmb at
Sun Jan 17 08:10:38 PST 2010

Just my opinion, but the questions you have been asking the last few
weeks just scream of a school project. If it is, you would be better
off figuring this stuff out yourself. If not, disregard my message.

If it weren't that I navigated to your website and found
"Would you like Closet Rambo to come out of the Closet and open a
six pack-O-whoop ass on you?" and that you apparently are a big
gamer, it just fits the student profile to me.

[K. Mike Bradley] 

I'm a 46 year old IT and Automation professional.

I have people from business, government, and education (small  schools)
screaming for an alternatives to Windows.
The malware is disrupting everyone these days and people are drowning.

It's to the point where we can't keep a working PC on people's desktops.

I want to develop a solution whereby PC's can be booted from a PXE NFS
server to get Linux with a Firefox browser so peeps can migrate to web
based business apps, web based email, and Microsoft terminal servers for
those Microsoft apps that can't be replaced with web versions (via a
Linux RDP client).

... and yes I do play games to end my day.

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