NFS Boot

Randy McMurchy lfs.user at
Sat Jan 16 12:10:24 PST 2010

Mikie wrote these words on 01/16/10 11:19 CST:
> I will have 100 PC's booting PXE from an NFS root.
> That is the goal.
> The reason is so I won't have to maintain 100 PC's but rather an image
> on one server.
> I am trying to understand what part of the file system should be on the
> image (under NFS root) and what should be on the local hard drive.

Just my opinion, but the questions you have been asking the last few
weeks just scream of a school project. If it is, you would be better
off figuring this stuff out yourself. If not, disregard my message.

If it weren't that I navigated to your website and found
"Would you like Closet Rambo to come out of the Closet and open a
six pack-O-whoop ass on you?" and that you apparently are a big
gamer, it just fits the student profile to me.


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