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The solution is exactly the same as for the Binutils problem (though you didn't say how you fixed the Binutils issue, and if you are having problems with GCC now, you apparently didn't do what you were supposed to with Binutils either). Read page 5.3 *very* carefully. One thing it says is that for each package, you are to unpack the source tarball, cd into the source dir, then follow the instructions on the page. Therefore, you should be in the GCC source dir when you are unpacking GMP and MPFR. The exact same principle applies to every other package in the rest of the book.
The solutions for binutils was i just needed to change the privileges and ownership of some folder, Ive forgotten which one, i think it was $LFS/tools.
Please remember to put a subject line in you posts.
Did you remember tomv -v mpfr-2.4.1 mpfr after unpacking mpfr _inside_ the directory where the gcc source code is unpacked?
The same for gmpmv -v gmp-4.3.1 gmp
Sorry about the subject line, and when i unpack, im still in the previous directory, the binutils build one, so hopefully thats problem solved, thanks,Hamish 		 	   		  
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