Chapter 7 Problem -- unable to open device /sys/block/hdd

Chris Staub chris at
Thu Jan 7 17:07:26 PST 2010

On 01/07/2010 07:59 PM, Rich Vigil wrote:
> Hello,
> My LFS system is nearly complete, but I have run into an unexpected
> result in chapter 7.10 (creating custom symlinks to devices). My build
> system runs Ubuntu 9.04. Although the processor is a 64-bit part, I have
> opted to build only a 32-bit OS.
> I have gotten all the way through to chapter 7.10 without receiving any
> unexpected errors in building the system. However, when I issued the
> command "udevadm test /sys/block/hdd", the command stopped running with
> the message shown in the subject line of my message.
> I am certain that I was in the chroot environment per the instructions
> in chapter 6 and that the virtual kernel filesystems were mounted as
> directed.  Did I miss something that would have created the missing device?
Assuming that you actually did check that /sys is mounted (in other 
words, it really does contain, among other things, a "block" directory) 
it's probably that "hdd" just doesn't exist on your system. The command 
in the book is just an example - replace "hdd" with whatever your CD-ROM 
drive would be - probably hdc or sr0 - or just see what else is in 

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