LFS 6.3 Stuck @Chapter 7.2

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> On 05/01/10 16:23, Pixel 73 wrote:
> > In chapter 6.29.2 I installed bzip2-1.0.4.
> > Under /bin I can also see:
> > bunzip2 -> bzip2
> > bzcat -> bzip2
> What is bzip2 linked to? what does ldd say?
> ldd /bin/bzip2
> > What did I do wrong or how can I fix this problem?
> >
> I suspect that you have made a mistake compiling bzip2 and it is linked 
> to something that is not available in chroot. I don't have a copy of 
> lfs-6.3 to hand but I seem to recall that bzip2 was the first thing to 
> be compiled after bash when we logged in to the new bash.
> Andy
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ldd /bin/bzip2 results in:

ldd: /bin/bzip2: No such file or directory


I even tried to compile and reinstall bzip2 again as I was logged in the new bash. But without success.


How can I make bzip2 available in the new bash? Do you think I have to start all over again?

If so, some people gave me the advice to copy&paste the commands instead of typing them in. But how can I manage to show the LFS book in a terminal where I can copy the commands and paste it into my shell?

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