Stuck at 5.7.1

Mike McCarty Mike.McCarty at
Mon Jan 4 16:54:28 PST 2010

Mikie wrote:
>> Then you need to rm -rf /tools/*, go back to the part where you create 
>> the lfs user and its environment, and do everything from that point on.
> What is the difference using another user and substituting that username elsewhere in the book?
> Is the LFS user hardcoded in the kernel with special privileges?

No, it is not.

> All I want is to build a minimal Linux system for embedded development.
> Why is LFS so complicated?

It is no more complicated than it need be.

> Is there another alternative?

Yes, there are several.

> I don't see why the authors of LFS don’t create a liveCD with the
> independent tool chain ready to go and delete Ch 5.

They can't, that's why. The fact that you don't see that doesn't
mean that it doesn't need to be done.

> Why put a newbie like me thru all this?

There are a few alternatives to that...

	you can get a pre-compiled version which runs on your machine
	you can develop your own build procedure
	you can use LFS pre thought out build procedure

Only the first of those is likely to involve less effort than using LFS.

> It makes no sense and to be honest it distract from learning Linux because it is too much to bite off.
> CH 5 could be converted into an advanced project.
> also, because the user is left to pick from the myriad choices of
> hosts to build on, this creates a lot of variables and problems and
> stuck points for peeps.
> I say to the authors .. 
> ... make a LiveCD iso file and eliminate a lot of confusion and trouble tickets on this list.

Such a LiveCD already exists, and may work on your system. However,
even with that, you still have to go through Chapter 5. The book
has a reasonable, if rather brief, description of why Chapter 5 is
necessary. If you haven't read it, then I suggest you do so. If you
haven't understood it even after reading it, then I suggest you re
read it until you do, decide to take it on faith, or just bear with
the stupidity of everyone else on the planet who has done this level
of build a few times.

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