GRUB configure error in LFS 6.5

Bruce Dubbs bruce.dubbs at
Mon Jan 4 13:06:50 PST 2010

Felipe Sá wrote:

> Still, I don't understand what specifically was determinant for this 
> result: the fact that I used --disable-multilib in GCC configure or the 
> fact that my host system was an Ubuntu 9.10 64bit.

Using a 64bit host determines that LFS is 64-bit.  It's not a 
cross-build methodology.

> Also in LFS section 5.5, the explanation for --disable-multilib in GCC 
> configure says: "On x86_64, LFS does not yet support a multilib 
> configuration. This switch is harmless for x86." Does that mean that 
> instructions for building GRUB legacy using standard commands (that 
> means following exact LFS commands, that would not result in later 
> imediate package breaks) would only be effective for x86 architectures?

Yes.  Read the note on the page.

This is all detailed in the -dev version of the book.  It will probably 
be released as LFS-6.6 in a couple of months.

   -- Bruce

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