GRUB configure error in LFS 6.5

Felipe Sá mr.gildo at
Mon Jan 4 12:45:39 PST 2010

Bruce Dubbs wrote:
> Felipe Sá wrote:
>> When I try to configure GRUB-0.97 in section 8.4 of LFS 6.5 I get an 
>> error saying that C compiler cannot create executables. Other previous 
>> compiles were fine. Can anyone help?
> LFS-6.5 uses grub legacy and that can't be built on an x86_64 system.
> "This package will only build for x86 and x86_64 architectures 
> containing 32-bit libs. If you chose to build on x86_64 without 32-bit 
> libraries (no multilib), then you must use LILO instead. Information on 
> “boot loading” for other architectures should be available in the usual 
> resource-specific locations for those architectures. "
> Depending on your original host architecture, LFS-6.5 builds a 'pure' 
> 64-bit system.  Try building GRUB2 from the -dev book.
>    -- Bruce
First of all, thanks for the reply.

So, the conclusion is that I have a pure 64 bit system and GRUB legacy 
won't be built there.

Still, I don't understand what specifically was determinant for this 
result: the fact that I used --disable-multilib in GCC configure or the 
fact that my host system was an Ubuntu 9.10 64bit.

Also in LFS section 5.5, the explanation for --disable-multilib in GCC 
configure says: "On x86_64, LFS does not yet support a multilib 
configuration. This switch is harmless for x86." Does that mean that 
instructions for building GRUB legacy using standard commands (that 
means following exact LFS commands, that would not result in later 
imediate package breaks) would only be effective for x86 architectures?

Felipe Sá

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