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Randy McMurchy lfs.user at
Sun Jan 3 15:23:37 PST 2010

Mikie wrote these words on 01/03/10 16:07 CST:
> I may be new to Linux (BTW: I have built LFS two other times) but I do know how to teach and reach people.
> This is a separate skill set independent of the subject matter one is trying to teach.
> I still think the book is for advanced people as it stands now.

I'm one that stands on the same side of the fence as Bruce (and every
other contributor to this thread, I believe) in that the focus of the
book is meant to be educational, and a minimum knowledge of Linux/Unix
is expected. Total newbies need not apply. :-)

If you don't fit that description, then LFS is not for you. I've sat
silent listening to this thread and have come to the conclusion that
you do not understand the concept of LFS, hence your disappointment
in its ability to "reach people". Hey, we just agree to disagree on the
purpose and intent of the book! No big deal!

I can; however, say that I found LFS many years ago, did my first LFS
install using a version of LFS that used the 2.4 kernel series and
I installed using a 2.6 kernel using hints and other related materials
to figure out the changes required between the kernel versions. I was
successful first time, and I had never seen Linux before in my life. Do
keep in mind I had been a Unix (HP-UX/AIX mostly) administrator in a
corporate environment for several years. This experience qualified me
to be not of the "newbie" crowd, and was the reason I was able to build
LFS using extreme varied instructions and the system booted first time.

I'm still quite proud of that feat! But it took a lot of Googleing. I
backed away from that installation as ALSA had not caught up yet to the
2.6 kernel so I had no sound support. And for what it's worth, I don't
use a 'lfs' user on my systems either. I have a different name I use for
my LFS builder.

LFS is not meant as something people "use" for everyday use (though it
can be used that way). LFS is a learning tool that also builds a
helluva good operating system. Take advantage of the purpose of the
project, you'll be glad you did.


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