Stuck at 5.7.1

Mikie kmb at
Sun Jan 3 14:07:55 PST 2010

> I don't see why the authors of LFS don¹t create a liveCD with the independent
> tool chain ready to go and delete Ch 5.

Because this would remove a significant part of the education value, in
terms of providing a context for understanding how to abstract and isolate a
build chain from a given host system.

[K. Mike Bradley] 

The part where one learns how to "abstract and isolate a build chain from a given host system" 
... is beyond what I (and I think most newbie Linux'ers) would want or expect when we see "Build Linux from Scratch".

I may be new to Linux (BTW: I have built LFS two other times) but I do know how to teach and reach people.
This is a separate skill set independent of the subject matter one is trying to teach.

I still think the book is for advanced people as it stands now.
Having a LiveCD and focusing on teaching the components of Linux (from Grub to the kernel to bash ... a minimal system), and how these components are compiled installed ...
... as a first pass would reach a lot more people that the book is currently reaching.

There is no reason CH 5 could not be made into a more advanced project book.

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