Stuck at 5.7.1

Mikie kmb at
Sun Jan 3 13:51:52 PST 2010

> What is the difference using another user and substituting that username elsewhere in the book?

Probably none, but using a different username has not been tested.
What I can say for certain is that although you said you had been
using the username 'ubuntu', the environment for that user did not
contain the LFS_TGT variable (according to the results you posted),
and therefore it seems likely you had other errors (each time
$LFS_TGT was referenced), but you nevertheless ignored them.
[K. Mike Bradley] 

That the $LFS_TGT is not in my Ubuntu environment is what I need to know.
... and I have had no errors up till this point.

How does this create the situation where as and ld are screwed up?


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