Stuck at 5.7.1

stosss stosss at
Sun Jan 3 12:35:10 PST 2010

> All I want is to build a minimal Linux system for embedded development.
> Why is LFS so complicated?
> Is there another alternative?
> I don't see why the authors of LFS don’t create a liveCD with the independent tool chain ready to go and delete Ch 5.
> Why put a newbie like me thru all this?
> It makes no sense and to be honest it distract from learning Linux because it is too much to bite off.
> CH 5 could be converted into an advanced project.
> also, because the user is left to pick from the myriad choices of hosts to build on, this creates a lot of variables and problems and stuck points for peeps.

You could try Gentoo. They have different phases of ready to go
compiled chunks. You can compile everything like here or you could
just download the ready to go ISO and install without compiling
anything or compiling parts of the system. You might check out the
Android OS. It is an embedded Linux OS on about a dozen cellular
phones now. It works great on my Motorola Droid. You could even look
at it is another Linux OS for cellular phones, centered
around Nokia.

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