Stuck at 5.7.1

Lefty ( 石鏡 ) lefty at
Sun Jan 3 08:01:00 PST 2010

On 1/3/10 7:36 AM, "Mikie" <kmb at> wrote:
> What is the difference using another user and substituting that username
> elsewhere in the book?
> Is the LFS user hardcoded in the kernel with special privileges?

As long as you're consistent (and changing the name for no particular reason
makes it more difficult), there shouldn't be a problem. You set up the user
"lfs" as owner of various directories and a member of specific groups
earlier in the process; there's nothing magical about that particular name.

I suggest following the directions, especially the first time through,
rather than tinkering with them on the fly.

> All I want is to build a minimal Linux system for embedded development.
> Why is LFS so complicated?

Because operating systems are complicated and LFS is intended to be

> Is there another alternative?

Plenty, but they're probably not substantially less "complicated", unless
you want to purchase a set of Montavista or Wind River tools, etc.

> I don't see why the authors of LFS don¹t create a liveCD with the independent
> tool chain ready to go and delete Ch 5.

Because this would remove a significant part of the education value, in
terms of providing a context for understanding how to abstract and isolate a
build chain from a given host system.

> Why put a newbie like me thru all this?

Learning takes effort.

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