Stuck at 5.7.1

Mikie kmb at
Sat Jan 2 09:39:38 PST 2010

At 5.7.1 I run:
It gives me this:
make: *** No targets specified and no makefile found.  Stop.

Prior to this step I ran:
../glibc-2.10.1/configure --prefix=/tools \
    --host=$LFS_TGT --build=$(../glibc-2.10.1/scripts/config.guess) \
    --disable-profile --enable-add-ons \
    --enable-kernel=2.6.18 --with-headers=/tools/include \
    libc_cv_forced_unwind=yes libc_cv_c_cleanup=yes
and got this:
*** These critical programs are missing or too old: as ld
*** Check the INSTALL file for required versions.

I am truly stuck.

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