build problem LFS 6.5

Timothy Rice t.rice at
Sat Nov 28 02:12:32 PST 2009

> I am using the lfs 6.3 last version LiveCD. The computer does not have
> anything installed on it.
> I started over. I deleted the partitions on the hard drive and created
> new ones and started at the beginning of the book. I have been running
> the commands manually by copy and paste at the cli. Everything
> appeared to be fine until now.
> lfs 6.5 chapter 6.15 GCC-4.4.1

Hi Stosss,

You say you are using the lfs 6.3 LiveCD on a computer with nothing else
on it. This would imply that your computer only has the sources
appropriate to lfs 6.3. However, you mention lfs 6.5 as the book you are
working through.

Are you using the sources for lfs 6.3, or have you done the wget thing to
make sure you are using the sources appropriate to the lfs 6.5 book?

I haven't looked at lfs 6.3, so I don't know how much difference it might
make, but I am guessing that you could get weird things going on if you
use methods from 6.5 to build the sources for 6.3.



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