build problem LFS 6.5

Bruce Dubbs bruce.dubbs at
Fri Nov 27 08:12:58 PST 2009

Chris Staub wrote:
> On 11/27/2009 10:05 AM, stosss wrote:
>> Find I will figure it out myself. I did not forget to do anything. I
>> have gone over the book and the scripts more than a dozen times. I set
>> the scripts up so that each one echos the next script to be run. i
>> just got through running the entire book from midnight to 8:30 in the
>> morning. That was the fifth day in a row I have done this.
> Of course another possibility is that everything *was* installed 
> correctly but has been accidentally wiped out by a mistyped command that 
> erased all of /usr. That would seem to explain why you have some 
> binaries in /bin but nowhere else...
> Also it seems you need to add mounting /sys to your scripts (or do it 
> manually if it's not in your scripts...I'd be willing to bet that's the 
> reason for your previous claim that the that GRUB installation 
> instructions don't work in chroot...

I've read through this thread and it really seams like a mount problem. 
  Either the lfs partition wasn't mounted properly or something else was 
mounted over the lfs partition.

Creating LFS is a non-trivial project and even a single character 
omitted or mistyped can blow the whole thing in certain circumstances. 
I really don't recommend automating unless you've done it manually a few 

Having said that, there are at least three ways to automate:

1.  Use jhalfs.  That is the most consistent way to do things and it 
keeps logs of everything you do.

2.  Create your own scripts and run them one at a time.  When you get to 
Chapter 6, run the chroot command manually and continue using scripts 
one at a time.

3.  As 2, but run the Chapter 6/7/8 scripts with a chroot command for 
each package.  This is what jhalfs does internally, but can be quite 
hazardous to your host system if there are any errors at all in the 

   -- Bruce

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