build problem LFS 6.5

Chris Staub chris at
Fri Nov 27 07:16:31 PST 2009

On 11/27/2009 10:05 AM, stosss wrote:
> Find I will figure it out myself. I did not forget to do anything. I
> have gone over the book and the scripts more than a dozen times. I set
> the scripts up so that each one echos the next script to be run. i
> just got through running the entire book from midnight to 8:30 in the
> morning. That was the fifth day in a row I have done this.

Of course another possibility is that everything *was* installed 
correctly but has been accidentally wiped out by a mistyped command that 
erased all of /usr. That would seem to explain why you have some 
binaries in /bin but nowhere else...

Also it seems you need to add mounting /sys to your scripts (or do it 
manually if it's not in your scripts...I'd be willing to bet that's the 
reason for your previous claim that the that GRUB installation 
instructions don't work in chroot...

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