LFS Installation disk creation

Michael L. lfs-support at cosis.dk
Thu Nov 26 08:42:08 PST 2009

Hi Mathan,

You could tar the entire system - I use that method when I build a new 
system in VMware before deploying it on my "real" pc.

Only you need a separate disk, network volume or USB-Disk to save the 
tar file on.

First you need to boot the PC where your new LFS-system is from a 
LFS-LiveCD (Or similar).

Mount the new LFS-system on eg. /mnt/source

If you have additional partitions you can either mount them into 
/mnt/source/<additional mounts> - or create a tar file for every 

Mount the disk, network share or USB-Disk on eg. /mnt/target

type: cd /mnt/source

type: tar cvf /mnt/target/lfs.tar .   (Rebember the .)

Now it will make a complete copy of your system to the file lfs.tar - 
when done, unmount /mnt/source and /mnt/target and reboot.


When restoring the system, boot the target PC using the LFS-LiveCD.

Create a partition on the target PC, and mount it at /mnt/target

Mount the disk, network share or USB-Disk containing the lfs.tar file at 

Type: cd /mnt/target

Type: tar xpvf /mnt/source/lfs.tar

Now the contence of lfs.tar will be extracted to the target PC.

When done, modify /etc/fstab and /boot/grub/menu.lst to reflect the new 

Run Grub, and install the bootloader.

Unmount /mnt/target and /mnt/source and reboot the system.

Now the target PC should boot on the LFS-System.
mathan kumar wrote:
> Hello there
> I've build my LFS system and i want distribute to my friends. Someone 
> help me how can i do that. What are the possible ways to obtain this.
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